Silicon Valley - A beginners guide

Learn how to save time and money before moving to Silicon Valley. For prospective entrepreneurs, execs and students

Accomplished entrepreneur with lots of international experience (US, CN, BR, MX). 6 companies in the last 20 years (2 exits, 2 lifestyles). Innovation speaker at TedX, universities, family offices and private events. Startup advisor.
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Course Description :
This is a course for entrepreneurs, executives or students interested in coming or moving to Silicon Valley in the next couple of years. It is focused on understanding the culture and the business etiquette of the most innovative region in the planet throughout real advice and examples given by a successful entrepreneur who moved to the Bay Area in 2011. Silicon Valley for beginners is a great way to save you time and money when you decide to come. The course is divided in 18 simple lectures, each one covering one specific topic such as coming to the valley as a founder or to work in a startup or large company. It also explains basic concepts that would make your life here much easier such as accountability, meritocracy, diversity and the execution mindset. Additional links and material (such as free e-books written by the instructor) are provided in some of the lessons. The idea is that this course would serve as a reference point for beginners willing to learn more about Silicon Valley.

This lesson is Made for :
  • Entrepreneurs; executives and students thinking about moving to Silicon Valley in the next two years.
  • Anyone interested to know about how Silicon Valley thinks and operates
  • This course is NOT for experienced entrepreneurs or give any specific advice on how to run a startup or get a job in the valley.

  • You will learn stuff about :
  • Over 19 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Understand how Silicon Valley thinks and operates
  • Decide if Silicon Valley is the right place to immigrate or not
  • Discover some useful tips to save you time and money when moving to Silicon Valley

  • Requirements for this lesson :
  • Be able to understand english without subtitles
  • Be interested in visiting or moving to Silicon Valley
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    2 minutes
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